Today 55 000 shoplifting thefts occurs only in Sweden everyday!
Approximately 60% of those shoplifted goods are alarmed with the traditional passive EAS technology systems

Forsec’s Active EAS ID System

  • Beautiful shop entrances, when no security gates are needed.

  • The customer does not have to see the security system in the store or see the alarm tags hidden in the goods.

  • Easy to identify, which alarm tag or store exit that is activated.

  • Each store receives its own unique system code for activation and deactivation of the system.

  • The alarm tags are placed hidden on the inside or placed with a string on the outside of the goods – not creating any ugly holes on the goods.

  • The alarm cannot be deactivated by traditional mechanical or magnetic detachers.

  • Each alarm tag (anywhere in the store) sends an electronic signal to the receiver (usually at the counter) up to 50 meters and alarms both with audio sound and LED signalling.

  • The alarm tags are programmed to alarm already 1-3 meters before an entrance or exit.

  • This Forsec Active EAS ID system can complement your existing passive EAS system.

  • Easy installation, operation and maintenance.

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