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“We are very happy of our choice of Forsec’s active retail security system. Now we have very attractive store entrances without the traditional security gates.”

Christina Tillman, President, Odd Molly

“We are very excited with our Forsec’s EAS ID system, which gives us an attractive 9 meters entrance without security gates and the best alarm system in the market!”

Gustav Clark, Gatt

“We used to match the industry shrinkage of 3 percent, but since we installed Forsec’s active EAS security system, we have not had any thefts!”

Bengt Macraz, President, Brands Factory Outlet

“A year after our Forsec active EAS security system installation, we counted all of the Forsec alarm tags and not one single alarm tag was missing!”

Dan E. Fahlström, President, Expert

“We have not had any machines stolen, since we installed Forsec’s active EAS system!”

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